Youth Services Success Story

Aurora Maldonado

Aurora Maldonado is a Bachelor of Social Work intern attending Lamar University (Beaumont, TX). She is a Youth Instructor at West Brook High School and Silsbee High School with Ashley Johnson. She is mindful and creative in her approach to each student.

Her Southeast Texas Area Coordinator, Candace Buckley says, “If I could use one word to describe Aurora, it would be ‘innovative’. Because she understands the need for her students to learn from this curriculum, she pushes the students to think and act outside the box. It helps to build their confidence in themselves and their trust in her as an instructor.” The students feel comfortable asking Aurora for advice and trust her enough to except it. Aurora has truly made tremendous gains during her first semester as an intern. Her attention to detail helped her supervisors successfully streamline some administrative functions. She is truly an asset to our Youth Services team!

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