Opportunity Now is more than a slogan or an individual campaign.  We are a movement.  We believe that everyone deserves the chance to pursue and achieve their dreams.

Since 2014, Opportunity Now has always focused on helping individuals to become and maintain self-sufficiency.  We empower individuals to achieve their highest potential by providing resources for personal, social, and professional growth. The resources include education, training, skills development, mentoring, counseling, employment placement, and charitable contributions and involvement. With the resources provided, we give everyone the opportunity to be successful.

oppnow adult vocational service

Introduction to Opportunity Now Adult Services:

Opportunity Now’s Adult Services division is compiled of team members that work tirelessly to ensure that individuals who have barriers are able to successfully overcome those barriers and become self-sufficient. The division is full of coordinators, specialists, case managers and instructors that work in collaboration to achieve this mission.