Our Mission

Empower individuals to achieve their highest potential by providing resources for personal, social, and professional growth. The resources include education, training, skills development, mentoring, counseling, employment placement, and charitable contributions and involvement.

We know a barrier is just another opportunity for success

Over the course of 15-months, his employment specialist, Jibreel, worked closely with Seth and his family to enhance this young man’s social skills and prepare him for the workforce. Today, Seth is a hard-working, task oriented young man who is ready to talk about his job and his dog, Buddy.

Youth Services Helping Young Adults

Students selected for Opportunity Now receive the necessary foundational, work readiness, and critical life skills to help them grow and prosper after high school. Success can’t wait – and we can’t wait to help your students reach their dreams!

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to pursue and achieve their dreams.

We provide resources that create positive individual change and uplift entire communities.

The resources include education, training, skills development, mentoring, counseling, employment placement, charitable contributions and community service.

Opportunity Now works to reduce recidivism, encourage and equip people with disabilities to achieve self-sufficiency, prepare at-risk students for better futures and close the workforce gaps of local employers.

What we do…

  • Servicing 176 high school students
  • 504 and IEP populations
  • Three different counties
  • 7 High Schools
  • Journey to Success 18+ Program
  • Work on campus of high schools as well as virtual
  • Create Simulated Workplace Experiences
  • Educate on Post Secondary options
  • Promote Self-Advocacy

Complete School Breakdown and students serviced

  • Silsbee-39 Students
  • Kountze-31 Students
  • Lumberton-8 Students
  • Memorial- 48 Students
  • Westbrook- 16 Students
  • Vidor- 8 Students
  • Austin- 13 Students
  • Beaumont United- 13 Students

Work Readiness Training

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)

We provide students with core skills training to prepare them for obtaining and maintaining employment. The training also reinforces positive decision making and effective social skills.


We teach students the importance of knowing and understanding their rights, how to assertively advocate for themselves, and the steps to becoming more independent and self-sufficient.

Career Exploration

We provide students with the resources to gain an awareness of the wide range of career pathway options and labor market realities. Students assess skills and interests, identify and explore occupations of interest, set obtainable career goals and develop effective strategies to achieve those goals.

Classroom Training

Opportunity Now employs lead instructors who provide a variety of in-class teaching methods to keep students engaged and receptive to the information being presented.

Employment Opportunities

In order to move from theory to application our students are exposed to workplace opportunities. This is even more critical for students with disabilities because they face additional barriers to self-sufficiency that traditional students may not.

Our Vision is to engage and empower youth to determine their own futures, encourage their peers, and drive themselves and their communities toward self-awareness and self-sufficiency.s and self-sufficiency.

“We impact communities by removing barriers and creating pathways to success for adults and youth.”

— Joe Lewis, Team Leader

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States (LA & TX)

55+ High Schools (LA & TX)

Over 1400 Students


What are you waiting on? Success can’t wait!
Let us work together to impact your community.

Alayna Carter
Director of Adult Services

Office: (985) 359-2858

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Joe Lewis
Team Leader

Office: (985) 359-2858

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