We began offering Re-Entry Services in 2015, under the Louisiana Department of Corrections. This program allows participants to undergo nearly four-months of in-depth work readiness and life skills training. Employment development begins while participants are still incarcerated. Upon release, these “returning citizens” receive a stipend from Opportunity Now, to assist with personal items they may need (clothes, shoes, medication, etc.). Our program has been able to help many participants find a job within as little as one month of their release. We are currently providing Re-Entry Services to four (4) facilities in Louisiana, in addition to facilitating a Diversion Program for the St. John the Baptist District Attorney’s Office. 

The goal of our program is to reduce the recidivism rate in Louisiana per the mandate of Governor John Bel Edwards and DOC Secretary Jimmy LeBlanc. We do this through a three-month course that equips vulnerable offenders, (individuals with documented disabilities) with the professional, social, and interpersonal skills needed to obtain and retain a job upon release. We use intensive case management services, during and post-incarceration, to provide stability and ongoing support. We also faciliate career opportunity exploration and occupational certifications or related training that may be needed. Our job placement and follow-up services give our consumers the assurance that they have substantial resources and support available to them once they graduate and are released back into society.

Our Consumers are Motivated to Achieve

In addition to using our own Work Readiness curriculum, Opportunity Now uses incentives and rewards to enhance the consumer’s learning experience and retention of the material. Each facility’s instructor uses interactive games, puzzles, and role-playing activities to improve class interaction. Each activity is used to teach consumers a life lesson they might not have been familiar with prior. This interactive portion of the class also helps emphasize the importance of teamwork and productivity within today’s workforce. Each class participates in a review for the midterm and final exam in the form of a Jeopardy-styled game.
Opportunity Now incentivizes our consumers to participate by raising the stakes and offering a cash prize to the team with the highest score. The funds are either loaded to the personal accounts by jail personnel or to a gift card that is placed in the consumer’s personal property to be available upon their release. This not only makes the games more fun, but also increases the competition and eagerness to show which team learned the most information throughout the course of the class. As an added bonus, consumers may be eligible to receive good time credits off of their sentence.

Graduation: An opportunity to celebrate the progressive journey!

Opportunity Now hosts a graduation for “returning citizens” that successfully complete the class. Depending on the facilities’ rules, outside guest may be allowed to attend the ceremony. For example, at St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Office two adult family members are invited to attend the graduation. Community leaders and guest speakers are also invited to share encouraging words with the students to prepare them for the world after incarceration. To show how proud we are of our consumers, Opportunity Now caters food for the ceremony.

QUICK FACT: Opportunity Now’s Criminal Justice Re-Entry/Work Readiness program has had its longest run at St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Office, where 15 classes have successfully graduated. Once the participant is released from jail, they contact Opportunity Now and are awarded a $75 stipend to assist in the purchase of essential needs items. These stipends are given from Opportunity Now’s personal account to assist the participants in integrating back into the community. The Re-entry/Work Readiness instructor also begins job developing to assist the participants in securing gainful employment.  Opportunity Now has also assisted homeless participants in securing housing once they were released.


Opportunity Now provides services to individuals placed within the St. John the Baptist Parish District Attorney’s Felony and Misdemeanor “Second Chance” Diversion programs. We provide an intense three-month work readiness and life skills training regimen that has been approved by the Louisiana Department of Corrections and the Louisiana Workforce Commission. Program participants must not commit any more crimes during their time in the program, and must maintain monthly check-ins for nine-months after classes are completed After completing the curriculum, participants are prepared to pursue workforce and training opportunities. Opportunity Now provides case management services to the program participants, helping them achieve self-sufficiency through assisted job placement and/or enrollment in skills training programs.

Opportunity Now is also responsible for the development, implementation, and coordination of a social and self-sufficiency, grassroots-based outreach program for residents of St. John the Baptist Parish. The outreach initiative links participants to existing services through the development of partnerships. In the event of programmatic gaps, the outreach initiative identifies the necessary resources and will help develop new services.


The Opportunity Now Anger Management Program is an 8-week program designed to teach participants to deal with anger in a healthy manner. Inside the Criminal Justice System, anger can often become their greatest defense mechanism. As such, we encourage the participants to re-examine the history and causes of their anger. Participants learn about the effects their anger has had on their victims, how to avoid aggression, and to use anger management techniques to develop better coping strategies moving forward.

Our “Cage Your Rage” Curriculum assists participants in understanding where their anger comes from and what triggers it. Then it includes individualized activities, journaling, and counseling modules to help in developing and learning coping mechanisms and healthy strategies to overcome aggression, outbursts, and negative emotional reactions that stem from anger.



This 12-week program is designed to give participants the necessary tools to become more involved, responsible, and committed parents while still incarcerated. Opportunity Now takes pride in being an intricate part of family reunification. As such, it is important to teach participants about the role that they play in their children’s growth, as well as the importance of effective co-parenting, and being emotionally available to sustain healthy relationships.

Our parenting curriculum dives deep into understanding parental roles, modeling appropriate behavior, co-parenting and communication, handling feelings and discipline, and more. It also focuses on the capabilities and responsibilites of parenting from inside an institution, and ways to effectively navigate and contribute through these challenges.

Our results our more than numbers. Our services impact individuals and communities.


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