Specialized Services

We offer a variety of specialized services and programs that are focused on the specific needs of the individuals within the communities we serve. Wherever or however an opportunity exists, we make it our mission to bridge the gap and assist people in reaching that next step on their journey forward.

Housing Authorities:

We work with families that reside in HUD funded low-income housing developments. We assist them with the process of reaching a point of self-sufficiency, homeownership, and achieving healthy living through proper nutrition, exercise, and medical safety.

Work Experience Services

The purpose of the Work Experience intiative is to provide vocational services pertaining to student employment under Opportunity Now, in partnership with Louisiana Rehabilitation services. This program helps students with personal and/or social barriers to gain work-readiness training, valuable exposure, and employment opportunities. 

With Work-Based Learning Experience, students can earn up to 240-hours of on-the-job, work-based learning experience.

What’s the benefit for you?

You can become an intricate part of assisting youth, who may struggle with securing employment, as they transition into the workforce.

You receive the support of a job coach, who directly assists with the training. This lessens the amount of manpower needed.

As a Work Based Learning Experience Provider you can receive reimbursement of 100%, plus 9.33% tax reimbursement.

What better way to give back, than to invest in the future of our kids? Please ask me how you too can become an intricate part of this powerful initiative in securing a bright future for the youth in the communities that we serve.

Engagement & Mentoring Services

This program is intended to help students grow personally while becoming the best version of themselves. We accomplish this by helping students achieve their academic goals, introducing them to new ways of thinking, and much more. Opportunity Now will help guide students through individual sessions, group sessions, push-in and pull outs to acquire the necessary tools needed to have a successful school year. By doing this, Opportunity Now Engagement and Mentoring services will prevent or decrease the rate of students being referred for behavior and academic challenges, reduce the number of school suspensions and/or expulsions, as well as having the long-term impact of reducing the number of students that are at risk of expulsion and/or get involved in the criminal justice systems.

This program will offer behavior prevention and intervention techniques that will play an intricate role in modifying the behaviors of those students who present with risk of suspension or expulsion. As such we will structure the program in such a way that will:

  • Build rapport.
  • Encourage self-reflection and increase self-esteem.
  • Recognize the significance of community support.
  • Encourage a willingness for change.
  • Behavior transformation.
  • Academic improvement.

Students will understand that the mentor is there to listen, tutor and connect them to the community, extracurricular activities, or healthy relationships with other students.

Pregnant & Parenting Teens

The mission of Opportunity Now Parenting-Student Support Program is to provide assistance to pregnant and parenting teens, both as students and parents. Opportunity Now provides parenting-students access to curriculum and support services that promote job-readiness skills and prepare them for post-secondary success. The Opportunity Now Engagement Specialist works to deliver key lessons that prepare students for their lives after high school, as well as to foster best-practice parenting skills.

Transitional Housing

Opportunity Now works with participants in transitional housing programs to achieve employment through work readiness and life skills instruction. By establishing connections to adequate resources and promoting self-sufficiency and healthy living, we are able to assist these individuals in rebuilding their independence, brick by brick.

Our results are more than numbers. Our services impact individuals and communities.


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Interested in joining our team?

Do good for others while doing good for yourself with Opportunity Now and XP Synergy Companies. Apply to be a part of our dynamic, rapidly-growing company where EVERY person matters. We utilize multimedia creative services and community programs, to communicate with, help, and inspire others to do and achieve more.

XP Synergy has a passion for helping people tell their stories, accomplish their goals, and reach new heights. If you are the right person for this amazing company then apply to the job opening that best fits you.

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