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Students selected for Opportunity Now receive the necessary foundational, work readiness, and critical life skills to help them grow and prosper after high school. Success can’t wait – and we can’t wait to help your students reach their dreams!

Opportunity Now is more than a slogan or an individual campaign. We are a movement.

Our Adult Services believe that everyone deserves the chance to pursue and achieve their dreams. By providing resources that create positive individual change and uplift entire communities, we empower individuals to achieve their highest potential by providing resources for personal, social, and professional growth.

We know a barrier is just another opportunity for success

Over the course of 15-months, his employment specialist, Jibreel, worked closely with Seth and his family to enhance this young man’s social skills and prepare him for the workforce. Today, Seth is a hard-working, task oriented young man who is ready to talk about his job and his dog, Buddy.

“We impact communities by removing barriers and creating pathways to success for adults and youth.”

— Joe Lewis, Team Leader

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Opportunities to Serve

Since 2016, we have grown exponentially – impacting students in over 40 high schools in Louisiana and Texas. Our students receive the necessary foundational, work readiness, and critical life skills needed to help them grow and prosper after high school. We help our students overcome obstacles and pursue opportunities that will help them live successful and productive lives.
High school is a time where many students struggle to find their independent voice. That is only compounded when you have a disability. Opportunity Now instructors work to build self-awareness of personal interests, skills, accommodations, the impact of their disability, and life goals. Students receive training on the importance of knowing their individual rights, how to assertively advocate for themselves, and the steps to take to become independent and self-sufficient.
504 and IEP Students
Opportunity Now provides support services to schools in which Pre-ETS services are provided. Our instructors support schools and teachers by engaging and creating a positive learning environment that promotes independence and ingenuity. Opportunity Now instructors can act as additional support in specific academic areas in which the student has been identified as struggling. Our goal is to help accelerate the learning process so each student can have a successful outcome.
Pre-employment Transition Services
Opportunity Now provides Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) to students. These services include: Job Exploration, Work Readiness, Self-Advocacy, Post-Secondary Training and Education, and Work-Based Learning. We help students gain valuable experience with support and structure from our staff. Paid employment is the goal, but students also have access to internships, tours, and other work experiences.
Community-based Services
Our community-based services engage, empower, and instruct teens, pre-teens, and young adults to help them determine their own futures. We help these young people get or stay on a positive path through leadership development and character-building mentor programs. These programs help build foundations for self-sufficiency, accountability, positive peer influence, and community awareness & involvement.
Opportunity Now has always focused on helping individuals to become and maintain self-sufficiency.  We empower individuals to achieve their highest potential by providing resources for personal, social, and professional growth. The resources include education, training, skills development, mentoring, counseling, employment placement, and charitable contributions and involvement. With the resources provided, we give everyone the opportunity to be successful.
Vocational Rehabilitation
Opportunity Now is a vendor with Louisiana Rehabilitation Services.  We help individuals with disabilities obtain, retain and maintain permanent employment.   This is done through the collaboration of Employment Specialists and Program Coordinators to effectively ensure that individuals are self-sufficient and successful in their employment goals.
Criminal Justice (Re-entry)
Opportunity Now is one of the largest private Re-Entry providers in the state of Louisiana.  Providing services to hundreds of returning citizens in and out of various correctional facilities is what sets us apart.  Our program helps these disadvantaged individuals overcome their barriers in many aspects of life to help them become a vital part of society and the workforce while also helping to reduce the recidivism rate.
Criminal Justice (Diversion)
Opportunity Now provides Diversion Services to individuals placed within the District Attorney’s Felony and Misdemeanor Diversion programs.  This program is a rehabilitation program which engages participants and helps to remedy the behavior that led to the arrest.  Opportunity Now is  an intense three-month work readiness and life skills training regimen that has been approved by the Louisiana Department of Corrections and the Louisiana Workforce Commission. With the program, participants are also  prepared to pursue workforce and training opportunities.
Specialized Services
Opportunity Now provides grassroot efforts in various communities to promote the importance of self-sufficiency.  Working with various agencies such as government, state and non-profits allow us to empower individuals to achieve their highest potential by providing resources for personal, social, and professional growth.


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What are you waiting on? Success can’t wait!
Let us work together to impact your community.

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